Overview of 3 Card Poker

3 card poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular card games offered today at any online casino site. People from all walks of life are learning how fast, entertaining and fun it can be! If you've been wondering what this game is all about, and are interested in finding out how to play it, you will find this 3 card poker overview very helpful! Let's examine the basics below, and talk about what we uncover in more detail as we move forward.

This unique form of poker uses only one deck of cards, unlike other casino games which can include as many as ten in the shoe. It may surprise you to learn that 3 card poker is essentially two games rolled into one, with the first being a play and ante portion. Here the goal is to beat the dealer head to head, and whoever has the highest hand in the end wins.

The second betting option is to place a wager on what is called the plus pair, and here you are betting on whether or not you will make at least one pair or better. While this double format may sound confusing at first, it is actually rather straightforward, but it does add an exciting wrinkle to the overall action!

How to Play 3 Card Poker

When you sit down at the table, you will see three betting circles at your station. The two lower rings are for betting on the ante and play portion of the game. The upper circle is where you place chips when wagering on the pair plus segment instead. To get started with your first hand, you simply place the minimum bet in at least one of the circles. Once your chips are in place, you will be dealt your three cards, and you are off and running!

To help you get the clearest 3 card poker overview possible, let's now examine the ante and play option in more detail. If you decided to bet on the ante, you can either choose to fold or continue playing. Here the rules of common poker apply, and when you fold you lose any chips you've placed in the betting area. If you like your hand and wish to keep playing, you must place a bet equal to the one which you placed on the ante in the beginning.

Once all players at the table have made their decision, betting for that round is over. The dealer then shows the cards in their hand, and here another difference becomes apparent. Unlike regular poker, the dealer must have a Queen or higher in their cards to continue, and this is termed as qualifying. If the dealer has only a Jack or lower, then every player who did not fold is then paid even money for their ante bet, and their play wager is simply returned.

What happens if the dealer qualifies? You then must beat their hand head to head, and whoever has the best cards wins the round. If you come out on top, you are given even money for both your play and ante wagers. However, if the dealer has a better hand, then you will lose everything which you wagered. It is interesting to note in this 3 card poker overview, that a tie goes to the player, giving you a slight advantage!

How Hands are Ranked

This is an excellent question, and 3 card poker differs from other versions. Due to the fact that you have only 3 cards, the odds for getting different card combinations are altered somewhat. To help you see the variations in this form of the game, let's look at the hand rankings in order from lowest to highest.

First, if no one makes at least a pair the highest card is the winner. Then comes the pair, from the lowest to the highest just as in regular poker. A flush will beat any pair, and this is defined as having all three of your cards of the same suit. Having a straight is better than a flush, and this is simply three cards in numerical order. Next, three of a kind trumps all of the combinations already mentioned. Finally, the best hand in the entire game is a straight flush, with three cards of the same suit all in order. So, in essence it is like abbreviated poker, with the same order of pair, flush, straight, three of kind and then straight flush.

3 Card Poker Ante Bonus

The next topic which must be discussed is the ante bonus. This is a unique feature and can add a touch of excitement to the table play! Several hands will give you an added bonus, without you even having to make an extra wager. In fact, this comes into play even when the dealer has the better hand! So, obviously it is worth your while to find out when this situation applies. When you've been dealt a straight, three of a kind or straight flush, the ante bonus is automatically given.

The amount of the bonus is set by each casino individually, but they are all much the same. Most will give you the amount of your ante wager if you make a straight. If you have a three of a kind instead, you will probably earn four to one odds, and be awarded four times your ante bet! Finally, if you are dealt a straight flush, you will often be given a five to one bonus, meaning you get five times whatever you wagered on the ante.

So, now that this 3 card poker overview is complete, you've learned everything you need to get started! As you can see from the information covered above, this game offers many distinct advantages which have made it popular today. If you are ready to start playing, we suggest you take a look at our list of the best 3 card poker websites. There you can find the right site for you.

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